This has been the predominant form of biogas energy utilization in North America. In fact, according to the data published by the Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP), 75% of the existing 700+ operational and under-construction landfill waste–to-energy projects deal with on-site electricity generation.  A clearly outlined interconnection process published by most of the electrical utilities and the maturity of the generation technology are the principal reasons for such a widespread deployment of this application, not to mention favorable tax incentive structures. However, a “cookie-cutter” approach to developing these opportunities can conceal many potential pitfalls inherent with this type of application. Indeed, not all biogas sources are created equal. Understanding the characteristics of the biogas source (its chemical composition, concentration of trace contaminants, volume fluctuations) is of paramount importance in determining the project economics which are significantly influenced by pre-treatment requirements, plant sizing and interconnection restrictions. Deep Blue NRG is well-equipped to provide its customers with services aimed at minimizing  project risk and optimizing the performance of the generation assets.