Deep Blue NRG offers a wide range of energy-efficient technology services that can be applicable to natural gas and electrical utilities, technology developers and integrators, as well as technology end- users. These services include:

Full-turnkey implementation of pilot technology projects

Participating in and managing a number of international, large-scale, technology deployment projects provided us with insight and invaluable experience dealing with different facets of project implementation. We understand the importance of involving all the project stakeholders and accounting for their specific interests. Our access to top tier legal consultants allows us to effectively structure project legalities, with minimal overhead to the project participants. Our robust time and budget tracking processes and project communication polices ensure full awareness by all the stakeholders of the project progress.

In-lab and in-field product performance testing

With over 10 year of industrial test, measurement and automation experience, Deep Blue NRG will devise and implement a stand-alone performance testing and data collection solution to meet your needs. All the measurement equipment is selected to optimize the repeatability of the measurements, while enabling sound statistical analysis and informed decision making. All the data is collected at a secure data repository with remote accessibility and 99% uptime guarantee.

Financial and energy savings modeling

Deep Blue NRG will incorporate local meteorological data, energy consumption profiles and technology operational nuances into an energy savings model. The model will have the flexibility to adjust to any profile or any set of operational performance data, thus allowing to generate sensitivity tables. It will also provide inputs to a financial model for calculating NPV, IRR and simple payback characteristics for a given energy efficient technology in a specific application. These models, along with market studies, can be used to aid utilities in implementing energy conservation programs, such as DSM (Demand Side Management) or CDM (Customer Demand Management).

Permitting and grid interconnection for field installations

With a portfolio of projects dealing with residential and commercial installations of new energy efficient technologies, Deep Blue NRG is well-equipped to navigate through the process of acquiring installation permits. Our experience of working with electrical and gas safety authorities, utilities, as well as building inspectors in a number of Canadian and American municipalities, positions us well to help our clients to obtain all the necessary approvals and variances for field testing and demonstration projects in an effective and timely manner.

Performance data collection, analysis and reporting

Deep Blue NRG’s IT infrastructure offers data collection at a secure data repository with remote accessibility and 99% uptime guarantee. We will apply appropriate statistical tools to answer the managerial questions you are facing. The results of statistical analysis can be reported in a format of your choice. Deep Blue NRG possesses remote presentation capability via conference calls and/or WebEx.

Supply chain evaluation

Prohibitive installation and/or operating costs are often the major barriers in the commercialization of new technologies. Deep Blue NRG will perform a complete market and industry study while focusing on evaluating different supply chain alternatives. Understanding the supply chain will provide the insight into a cost structure for new technologies and, most importantly, the opportunities to identify the venues to reduce the cost to the levels that would make the new products financially competitive.